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About Fay

Fay hails from the picturesque coast of Devon, England. A keen interest in travel, nature, flowers, natural health, the sea, animals, colour, sense and creativity combine to influence her varied and colourful pieces be they acrylic, ink, watercolour, oil, digital, pastel or photography. Her works capture the sun, sea and deep colours of Andalusia Southern Spain, Florida and Morocco where she has spent much of her adult life.

Being self-taught, Fay relies heavily on her experiences, immediate instincts and emotions to develop her pieces and consequentially they feature multiple layering and a sense of optimism. She shares her time between creating art and working on new techniques and styles, for private collectors and larger installations for both interior designers and developers.

Fay is currently working on a new body of work you can see here.

Rock Monkey Films

Fay established Rock Monkey Films, based in Gibraltar to develop & produce independent films with unique stories. Fay is currently working on the screenwriting of her debut film, The Florist, a love story about two soldiers suffering from PTSD, both taking different and diverse paths to heal their traumas, set in Gibraltar and Spain. Having worked on several movie projects, she found her ideas for novels would be best portrayed on the screen as a visual story. She is currently working on this script. In it’s early stages, Behind The Rhapsody, will be an exciting insight into the late 90’s set in London’s Bohemian Soho backdrop of the famous Windmill Theatre, where a naïve young girl from the West country, finds the awkward world of fame all too much, until she closes that chapter in her life and makes a life changing move abroad with her daughter.

Bohemian Wraps

Fay has taken her art and made some digital patterns and printed this on fabrics, and designed some easy wear ponchos and scarves, all hand embellished either with silk tassels from Turkey, or hand beaded. Can be worn on the beach or dressed up for a statement outfit, every piece is unique, no two of the same design will ever be printed, and you can also request a bespoke custom colour scheme. Contact Fay now for further information.

Fay Lawrence-Grant

Artist & Designer

Tel:+350 5800 8101